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Media Explosion - We produce adverts for all companies big & small. If you have news story contact us. Photographic work, video & audio recordings. A full range of services
if you have been treated badly by anyone we are here to listen. We can put your story online or help you build a social media following to expose the crooks behind the injustice to you. You are not alone any more. All working together brings down the big companies that treat you badly.

We use all levels of social media to get the message out fast 
Using our network and power we create viral news content very fast. Using YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - Whats App - Snapchat - Instragram - Bbm - Skype - worldwide connections

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Do you want to or do you make YouTube content?   Top class video editors will help render your content and upload it, or help you create your own YouTube channel. If you already have a YouTube channel then find out how you can earn money from links and product placement. Learn how to earn money online

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Actors and Models for your adverts, we produce video content in 4k. Make it count.

When you need people as extras to make an online advert we have the answer, actors and models!

When you need managers to set up and supply a website for your company of graphic design

When you need art work designed or merch made we have the answer, graphic design team ready to produce the results you want!

When you need beats and audio tracks made with voice over. Ask for a demo 

Get your own intro made with your own music and voice over work!
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Media Explosion was born in 2004, it took a couple of years to put the business side of it together and then it was launched 10th April 2006. After spending many thousands. Initially it was driven by the Media with news coverage, and news that you would not find on main stream TV. Then it started to grow very fast and it was about this time that YouTube first started to get noticed. YouTube launched on 14th February 2005.
Over the years we have worked on many various projects, production of adverts and news articles, and now we offer an even bigger range of products and services, either from us directly or from the various companies we are in connection with or have a business arrangement with. So whatever your Online Internet needs or social media networking requirements may be, rest assured Media Explosion will be able to help. Our team, ready to listen to you.

For all right judgment of any man or things it is useful, nay, essential, to see his good qualities before pronouncing on his bad, putting media and YouTube content online with
Media Explosion

Thomas Carlyle

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